How It Works

How it works for Service Teams?

Cloud & IT Infrastructure Service Teams can digitize end-to-end service delivery & operating lifecycle with TWO-pronged approach.

Build, Deploy, Operate Infrastructure using Digital Blueprints

'An Integrated experience to connect define, design, deliver, and operate lifecycle steps'

No more static architectures and word documents, design cookbooks, engagement notes, unknown or unclear customer intent, and project or ticket-based delivery models.

With blaZop-cloud, build reusable digital blueprints covering define and design lifecycle steps, for example, customer intent forms, programmable architectures, configurable designs, and programmable policies.

Implement digital blueprints through transparent delivery & operating workflows with manual and automated processes orchestrated together.

It will generate accurate and complete inventory (CMDB) for better operational manageability and cost optimization. The other benefits are,

  • Implement & enforce standards across IT & cloud infrastructure services.
  • Design standard services & deliver in minutes & hours vs weeks & months.
  • Simplify lifecycle management of all assets involved in solution architecture. Activate & decommission all assets at once.
  • With digital Inventory, improve operational metrics such as availability, compliance, security & usage.

Automate and Integrate with On-Prem & Cloud Systems

'Integrate anything, anywhere to configure the last mile'

No more siloed tools, systems, and developer scripts. No need to reinvent the wheel when existing tools & scripts can be reused.

Build serverless automation with blaZop-cloud to automate any processes used in workflows. At the same time, the blaZop-controller automates processes that need to integrate with any 3rd party system hosted on cloud or on-prem data centers. Both blaZop-cloud & blaZop-controller software, out-of-box, support python-based development and integrates with any system built in any language.

It will bring all siloed systems and developer scripts into mainstream process orchestration with the benefits of true automation. The other benefits are,

  • Configure last mile with just internet connectivity. No complex & secured network setup barrier.
  • MSPs can deploy blaZop-controller in each customer on-prem data-center to integrate customer specific systems.
  • Business can truely achieve architecture-based hybrid-cloud & IT infrastructure deployment.
  • Support better operational manageability, with most accurate inventory (CMDB) data integrated with ITSM & assurance systems.

Looking to increase workforce productivity by streamlining design, development & operate processes?

How it works for Service Customers?

The service customers can get self-service experience to learn, order, track & manage services.

Self-Service, Zero-Engagement Model

'Mutil-Step guided experience & transparent tracking'

No need to spend months of time following up with multiple IT groups to get what is needed & to track progress. No need to treat cloud & IT infrastructure services as black-box.

With blaZop-cloud self-service experience features (such as service catalog, my orders, my dashboards, my actions, my subscriptions), service customer can fill-in their requirements through guided-forms and get not only architecture-guidance along with cost estimates & but also complete visibility into delivery processes across multiple IT teams.

This experience helps service teams to share best practices, standards & architectural guidance to customers without going through a prolonged engagement process. The other benefits are,

  • Provide self-service experience with instant delivery for 60% of the cross-domain & bundled services.
  • Get solution-architecture based complete service, instead of ordering each piecemeal at a time.
  • Have complete visibility into what's-running-where for better migration & usability.
  • With digital inventory, operation team can identify who-is-using-what for better change & incident management.

How to provide cost-effective architecture guidance to customers with zero engagement?