About the Team

Through years of experience in IT industry and by gaining insights from hundreds of IT leaders & technology experts, the blaZop founding team recognized that IT organizations are under pressure to deliver more cost-efficient, faster and resilient IT services. On the other hand, MSPs or IT Service Providers are struggling to generate higher profit margins due to increased resource-cost and reduced customer budget. Despite the fact that every organization uses some automation tool, still, the challenge exists.
The blaZop team identified that the primary issue is their complex operating process with disjointed experience. Hence, blaZop offers a SaaS platform that enables IT businesses to simplify their operating model by connecting people, processes and systems together with its unique integrated experience. It enables IT businesses to digitally manage service lifecyle end-to-end and provide better customer experience. The blaZop founding team comes with strong IT and software background with many issued & filed patents in cloud, infrastructure & automation domains.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to change the face of IT by making it a simple, faster, value-driven, and cost-efficient unit for businesses. We believe, together, we can change IT perception and experience by improving operating efficiency.
We measure operating efficiency on similar factors as most of our customers do, Which are:

Workforce Productivity

Increase workforce productivity, minimize business impact due to workforce attrition, easy transition from one vendor to another, reuse & integrate existing toolset.

Cost Optimization & Growth

Reduce IT OPEX cost with simple and fast lifecycle management; deliver more and scale business with the same workforce; increase profit margins.

Operational Excellence

Reduce outages, enforce reuse & standards across IT services, deliver data-driven operations, process optimization, and visibility into what's running, where, for who, why, and when.

Customer Success

Self-service customer experience, transparent & faster delivery, a zero-engagement model for 60-70% of IT services, subscription-based lifecycle management.

Partners and Investors

Our partners and investors are foundational support for us to grow as a company and solve complex issues for our customers which was not done before.


Our implementation partners have a history of large-scale successful software implementation, including customized solutions.
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We are trusted & backed by angel investors coming from high-tech companies such as google, netflix, cisco, aws & more.
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