Feature Apps


blaZop-cloud is available as a SaaS platform. It enables service teams to digitally-operate end-to-end lifecycle steps. The feature apps are
  • Define & Design
  • Deliver & Operate
  • Optimize & Self-Service
Build service models, customer engagement forms, programmable architectures & policies, configurable blueprints, and process orchestration workflows with an easy-to-use and drag-n-drop experience.

Form Designer

enable IT teams to design dynamic & multi-step guided forms to simplify customer engagement.

Architecture Studio

enable architects & design engineers to design programmable solution architectures.

Infra as Code (IaC) Designer

enable architects & design engineers to design programmable configuration policies.

Workflow Designer

enable process designers & engineers to design automated & manual process workflows.

Blueprint Designer

enable IT teams to design digital blueprints by integrating forms, architectures, designs, & workflows together.

Execute delivery, deployment, and operational workflows with integrated RPA (iRPA) to seamlessly connect lifecycle steps. Build accurate inventory (CMDB) to enable operational excellence.

Robotic Process Automation

enable IT teams to execute process workflows through smart scheduling, user inputs & system events.

Automation Engineer

enable engineers to code any custom processes using python.

Device Playroom

enable network teams to create virtual labs to learn, validate & test network configurations.

Digital Inventory

enable service & operation teams to use config & service item inventory (CMDB) to improve operational efficiency.

Admin Console

enable admin users to manage multi-tenant accounts, self-service starter guides, users, groups, roles and access control policies.

Operation Console

enable platform operation team to track and troublshoot open orders & integration events, manage integration queues and export/import features.

Build custom dashboards with drag-n-drop analytics to identify red tape processes, service usage, and service improvement metrics. Offer self-service customer experience with zero engagement for 50%-60% of services.

Dashboard Designer

enable business & data analyst to design dashboards with easy drag & drop codeless experience with reusable data widgets.

Service Catalog

enable self-service experience for customers to find & request actionable infrastructure & cloud services with its unique experience.

My Orders

enable IT customers to track open request progress with transparent visibility into delivery workflow processes.

My Actions

enable IT teams and customers to perform any open actions as part of the manual processes designed in workflow.

Manage Subscriptions

enable IT customer to manage subscription, request day-2 changes and decommission all cloud & infra resources part of service.

My Dashboards

enable IT teams and customers to get business & process insights into their data with flexibility to subscribe to many dashboards.

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blaZop-controller integrates blaZop-cloud with 3rd party cloud & on-prem systems to configure the last-mile. The feature apps are

Integration Console

enable engineers to setup 3rd party connection settings and subscribe & process integration events from blaZop-cloud.

Admin Console

enable admin users to register and configure new integration adaptors & setup their connection setting forms.

Operation Console

enable controller operation team to track and troublshoot open integration events and export/import features.

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