Integrate using blaZop-Controller

Securely integrate with any system, any device, anywhere with ease.
  • Codeless Integration
  • Build Your Own
  • Secure Connect
  • Distribute & Scale

Integrate Faster with Plug & Play

Codeless integration with external systems by configuring the settings. Some of the key features are, get list of integration events, check each event payload, subscribe to events and attach processor for each event queue to integrate with external system.

Build Your Own Integrations

Advanced users can build custom integration modules, although blaZop platform provides various protocol-based integration adaptors. blaZop platform supports python-based custom development.

Secured Connection with blaZop-Cloud

Traditionally on-prem based controller solutions require a complex networking setup to connect with the cloud solution. blaZop integration controller needs internet connectivity only, whereas blaZop-cloud & blaZop-controller communicate over a secured connection with JWT/TLS over HTTP/2.

Multi-tenant Support & Scale from Anywhere

Distribute event traffic and horizontally scale the controller deployment to any number. The common scaling example, If there are many service teams (multi-tenant) and each team manages its systems/tools, a team may prefer to have a separate controller instance for better control, custom development, and operational manageability.

Interested in integrating 100's of developer scripts and making them part of the overall workflow?

Connect On-Prem or Cloud Systems

Connect your systems with these pre-built integration adaptors.