Which services get benefit?

blaZop platform is very flexible, easy to use, and customizable. It simplifies & automates any IT service delivery & operating processes. However, cloud & IT infrastructure services are more complex to manage, and therefore managing their lifecycle with integrated experience returns significant benefits. Some of these services are:


IaaS, PaaS, AWS/GCP/Azure cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud models, virtualization, data-science labs.

Network Infrastructure

branch, campus, corporate, WAN, DMZ, data center network, home office, partner connectivity, remote office.

Data Center

facility management, data center rack deployment, compute-storage hardware deployment.


voice & video services, conference rooms, digital boards, private & executive rooms, web conferencing.


new office site setup, security cameras deployment, site upgrades with accessories etc.

Security & Access

identity and access lifecycle management, security assessment & compliance services.