Which initiatives to execute?

Generally, IT infrastructure and cloud business cost about 40-50% of the operational budget. However, at the same time, these services are critical to running the business efficiently. If your business is looking to improve operating efficiency by reducing cost, increasing speed-of-delivery & reducing outages, then some of these transformation initiatives will be useful. Leverage the blaZop platform to make this a reality, which is hard to do otherwise.

Cloud Services

  • Application Centric Cloud Automation
  • One Click Deployment
  • Hybrid Cloud Orchestration
  • Multi-tenant Micro-Service Deployment
  • Cloud Migration

Network Services

  • Operate Network as a Service
  • Intent driven Network Automation
  • Topology based Network Service Orchestration
  • Network Service Lifecycle Management

Other Miscellaneous

  • IT as a Service
  • Hyperscale IT
  • Change the Face-of-IT
  • Architecture Driven Automation
  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Self-Service Programmable Infrastructure
  • IT Process Optimization